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    February 21, 2015 at 5:14 am #3701

    Hey there!

    I am a multi-genre DJ/Producer and I’d like to create 3 different album gallery-esq pages:

    One page that displays everything (as it already is available in the theme with the album style templates) And two more pages, where each page displays a listing of releases in that category but still retains the genre sortable feature at the top.

    As a DJ I have a large number of DJ mixes that I would like to display on a a page with the sortable menu at the top so the viewer can sort the genres to display the mixes I offer within that genre.

    I would also like to have a different page that displays all my original productions (albums, eps, single etc) that also offers the sortable menu at the top so the viewer can sort the genres to display the original productions I offer within that genre.

    And lastly I would still like to offer a page that has both mixes and original productions sortable on one page (This I understand how to do, as it is inherent in the theme already.)

    I have created individual pages for each album, ep, mix etc but not sure how to create separate pages for originals vs dj mixes using the Albums Style template pages while retaining the sortable option at the top.

    I hope this makes sense but please let me know if you need clarification and I’ll do my best to explain a bit more what I’m trying to to accomplish :)

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

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